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New England is made up of the six most northeastern states in the United States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. It is bordered by Canada, New York, and the Atlantic more>>

Some of the best-known beaches, such as Massachusetts' Cape Cod, and its glamorous "little sister," Martha's Vineyard, bring thousands of tourists yearly to enjoy the high cliffs, dunes, and white sands. The other great thing about sailing in New England is that you can easily "jump the waters" to another state and enjoy excellent sailing in Maine's 100 miles of beaches, including Cape Elizabeth, and New Hampshire's coast, as well. And if you're looking for a little privacy, there are several "out of the way," less "touristy" beaches and islands to drop your anchor. One is Block Island, off Rhode Island's more>>

Featured Destination - Belgrade Lakes, Maine

During the 1920s Belgrade Lakes was a popular rendez-vous for the rich and famous, where they would travel by carriage and later by train with their steamer trunks to the Belgrade Depot, then seven miles by touring car to the village. Once they arrived, they would spend several weeks enjoying the summer's social scene, playing golf and tennis, fishing in the surrounding seven lakes, swimming, and generally indulging in the area's magnetism that allured them to this gorgeous vacation spot.

In the 1950s playwright Ernest Thompson arrived on the scene and wrote his award winning play On Golden Pond at his family's cottage on Great Pond and he even included in his play the mail boat that is one of the few remaining delivering mail to the cottages along the shore line. Even today, you can still ride along during the summer months on the scenic pontoon mail boat that has been touring the thirty-five mile route around Great Pond since 1900 and dropping mail into over one hundred mail boxes.

Quite interesting Belgrade was named after the more well-known city and present capital of Serbia. John V. Davis, who was a world traveler and resident of the area where Belgrade Maine is situated, visited Europe in the 1700's. In all probability he either visited Belgrade or heard about its return to Christianity in 1774, after an absence of several hundred years, under Moslem rule.

When a petition was drafted to create the new town in Maine it was this same John V. Davis who suggested the name of Belgrade be adopted, as he was probably still intensely impressed by the Belgrade he had known.

Today, Belgrade Lakes hasn't lost any of its allure and you can still enjoy all of the activities and more that early visitors more about Belgrade Lakes Maine

Provincetown Massachusetts
On the tip of Cape Cod rests a town where creative expression flourishes and serenity and solitude are always the order of the day. Provincetown, Massachusetts, nestled along a private peninsula, offers natural inspiration and budding adventures to all of its guests—just as long as you follow its lead away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It is impossible to overstate the picturesque natural beauty of Cape Cod’s extreme tip with its miles of stunning seashore and dramatic, sweeping dunes. While the choice between bay side and ocean side beaches is always a matter a preference, the ocean banks, which are protected by the Cape Cod National Seashore, are notoriously stunning and considered the more inviting of the two. However, if the bay side is more to your liking, three miles of sandy expanse along the Provincetown Harbor are at your disposal and activities such as swimming and sailing, particularly at West End Beach, are always on the more about Provincetown Massachusetts

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