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Rhode Island

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What's Great About Rhode Island

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Rhode Island

Mystic Country
With so much to experience in beautiful Mystic Country, it's no wonder people travel from all over the world to explore this region of eastern Connecticut and southwestern Rhode Island.

Featured Destination - Block Island

Located between Connecticut and Massachusetts on the Atlantic Ocean, Rhode Island is a cozy state dominated by water. While a good part of the state is coastline on the Atlantic, the ocean also penetrates into the state in areas such as Narragansett Bay. A beautiful state, Rhode Island has historically been the playground of the affluent and remains so today. Towns such as Newport are populated with over the top mansions that seem to be more a statement of celebrity than wealth. With the turning of the leaves, all of Rhode Island is a beautiful place to be in the fall.


The state capital of Rhode Island, Providence is a surprisingly large city with a definite New England atmosphere. Built over rolling hills and the meeting of two rivers, walking through the city feels like visiting the early years of our nation. With colonial residences throughout the city, Providence carries a certain traditional atmosphere that is only really broken up by Brown University, an Ivy League university. If you’ve enjoyed older cities in England, you might find Providence very appealing.


Newport has historically been the hot spot for the rich on the east coast. The town is littered with over the top mansions and manors that simply have to be seen to be believed. Fortunately, a number of them are open to the public for viewing so you can get a real feel for how the rich played in the past. You’ll be able to stroll through such homes as “The Breakers”, Cliff Walk and the 70 room Vanderbilt home. Each of the homes are designed to make a major impression on you and they will. For daily living, Newport is a pleasant location, but you’ll need a hefty bank account to make it more about Rhode Island

Block Island is a seaside jewel lying 12 miles off the southern coast of Rhode Island. This is a place where nature clings to every pond, stone-walled trail, beach, and everything in between. It’s a paradise for cyclists, and a haven for those ready to leave the trappings and demands of the mainland behind.

Most people take the ferry from Port Judith, which takes one hour and plants you in the hub of Block Island at Old Harbor. A Seasonal ferry service also runs from Newport RI and Montauk NY.

Coming to the Island is a shift in time, with its rugged undeveloped reserves… and open field farmlands… and narrow roads lined with stone walls and wild roses. Block Islands invites you to relax in dress and time. It’s a chance for you to rediscover nature more about Block Island Rhode Island >>

Rhode Island - History

English settlers first began arriving in Rhode Island in 1636, when an English clergyman, Roger Williams, and his small army of followers were practically drummed out of Massachusetts for their liberal religious views challenging the foundations of Puritanism.

Providence was the first settlement to be established in 1636, to be followed by Newport, in 1639.

Among Williams' followers were Ann Hutchinson along with her spouse William, and William Coddington. Eventually these three found their way to the southern tip of Aquidneck Island, and Coddington purchased from Native Americans, called the Narrangansetts, a tract of land, later to be renamed Newport.

What is momentous about these early settlers is that there was a concerted effort to cast off the restraints imposed by the political intervention in religious life, and to separate the church from the state. For this reason, Newport has often been described as the birthplace of democracy, and it provided a refuge for Jews and Quakers who were constantly escaping religious more>>

Newport Rhode Island

Whether you’re out to experience the vibrant harbor area, relive the Gilded Age in a Newport Mansion, soak up the stunning views on Ocean Drive, or trek the famous Cliff Walk, then Newport RI is in a class of its own and your gateway to all this… and much more.

Newport RI is located at the eastern mouth of Narragansett Bay. Either Newport Bridge from the west on route 138, or Mt. Hope Bridge from the North East on route 114 can reach it.

Founded in 1639 Newport quickly became an important seaport with trading routes to the West Indies. It’s years as a major seaport ended with the British blockade in 1776.

In the 19th century Newport once again attracted attention, but this time as a summer playground for the rich and wealthy of America, who also bought their yachts to race at more about Newport, Rhode Island >>

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