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Relocating to Rhode Island
08th January 2007
Author: Lou Ross

When it comes time to make a new start, many look for an entirely new lifestyle. Relocating to Rhode Island is one way to find a distinct New England lifestyle.

Relocating to Rhode Island

Rhode Island has the distinction of being the smallest state in the Union in terms of size. This small state is not actually an island at all. It was the first state to declare its independence from England, and one of the original states to ratify the constitution.

If you are considering relocating to Rhode Island, the culture is something you need to consider. The state has a very unique culture based on its widely diverse ethnic populations which include large numbers of citizens of Italian and Portuguese descent. The accent of the locals is a curious mixture of New England and Brooklyn. One of these unique cultural areas is cuisine. Rhode Island has several local dishes that are not found anywhere else, and seafood is extremely popular. Coffee is the state drink, and the state has the largest concentration of Dunkin Donuts shops in the country.

Rhode Island also has the largest ocean front per capita of any state, and no part of the state is very far from the ocean. It is also a very flat state with its highest point, Jerimoth Hill, soaring a towering 812 feet above sea level. The climate is known as warm summer humid continental which means a lot of rain in the otherwise hot summers, and a lot of snow in the cold winters. There are a total of 39 towns and cities in Rhode Island and the total population is just over 1 million.

Another factor to take into account when considering relocation to Rhode Island is crime. Rhode Island has a rather undeserved reputation as a high crime state. Although the statistics show it to be slightly over the national averages in all areas, it is not quite as bad as the perception. Organized crime in the New England area was centered in Providence in the period right after World War II, and the perception remains although this is no longer the case in the state. The tax rate, like in most neighboring New England States is fairly high. The average tax burden is the exceeded by only 6 other states.

There are some advantages to Rhode Island. The nearby ocean and the close proximity of Boston and New York City as well as the vacation areas of Vermont and New Hampshire make the area a cultural, sports, and recreation paradise. The small size of the state, and the fact that it has been settled for three centuries now and is not experiencing the rapid growth and expansion of other more recently settled parts of the country tend to make housing difficult to locate, and quite a bit above the national average in cost. If this problem can be overcome, moving to Rhode Island has a great deal to offer in the way of tradition, history, and opportunity.

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