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Have a Falmouth Fling
19th December 2006
Author: Caitlin Moore

The expansive East coast offers an array of delights in the form of big cities, historic settlements and quaint fishing villages, all of which serve as someone’s preferred spot or sentimental favorite in terms of vacationing. There are several contenders for all-around best getaway location, but there’s one that offers a pretty solid resume for your consideration. Falmouth (pronounced like Plymouth) in Cape Cod has a way of charming visitors into a state of deep repose, and has enough complexity to fill several days of exploration.

Located a bit north of Portland on the coast of Maine, Falmouth has nearly 70 miles of coastline and is known for the warmest water in the area. Public beaches allow these qualities to be properly enjoyed by those who travel here, allowing a land that sees cold winters to wake up and prove that you don’t have to go south to have fun in the sun. Old Silver Beach is a popular choice, as is Chapoquoit. Swimming, strolling and soaking in the charming New England atmosphere from this vantage point will start your Falmouth vacation off on the right foot.

To further enjoy the natural gifts of the region, become immersed by taking a kayak tour through the Great Salt Marsh. This will be a fun activity even for beginners (you don’t have to be in peak physical condition to paddle along with the tides) and offers excellent chances for bird watching. Snowy egrets, swans, Great Blue Herons, and Oyster Catchers are a few of the indigenous species that will probably be glimpsed, so don’t forget the binoculars. Also, keep your eyes open in case a fox, deer or coyote happens to slink by. The marshland of Cape Cod is full of surprises.

Ashumet Holly and Wildlife Sanctuary consists of 45 miles of nature trails that will continue to awaken outdoorsy instincts and show off the lovely scenery. This is also the point of departure for seal cruises and ferries to Cuttyhunk Island. More challenging hiking paths can be found in Beebe Woods, and several more acres of picnic grounds and forests make for additional chances to get lost in the landscape.

After all these down-to-earth excursions, you and your traveling companions might be interested in checking out the town. A friendly atmosphere will only encourage shopping in the funky establishments and antique stores, people-watching and sampling the local fare. Art galleries also line the streets, so be sure to nurture your aesthetic impulses by observing what local artists are up to. A children’s museum and the Falmouth Historical Society Museums and Colonial Garden invite visitors to take home a better understanding of the human narratives that have occurred on these grounds by means of tours, lectures and exhibits. There’s no need to let your brains go unused during this vacation.

Book stores, movie theatres, amusement parks, tennis courts, horseback riding and more will fill in any gaps you may find in your schedule. Actually, it’ll be more about picking and choosing the best options than trying, against the odds, to have a good time. To match its diverse outskirts, Falmouth has a little bit of everything within its city limits including a progressive mindset, visually pleasing streets and architecture, and plenty of entertainment options. Most people think “sleepy” and “old-fashioned” when they picture typical coastal Maine towns; these stereotypes may not hold up after a detailed inspection of this little gem.

Enhance the experience by electing to stay in a vacation rental. Falmouth is host to several of them, each one different than the next but highly comfortable and filled with amenities. Nothing beats a coastal cottage or sprawling beach house when it comes to making a holiday go smoothly. From family reunions to romantic weekend getaways, there’s a Falmouth Vacation Rental waiting to accentuate what is already shaping up to be a fine trip.

Choosing Falmouth from among the myriad vacation destinations out there is a smart choice. Its appeal is broad, a little quirky, and definitely capable of enchanting travelers of all disposition, so be open to the pleasures that can come from a visit to this Cape Cod diamond in the rough.

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