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Hide Yourself Away in a Litchfield County Vacation Rental   by Caitlin Moore

Connecticut, particularly Litchfield County, is one of those places that doesn't immediately spring to mind when deciding where to venture for your next hard-earned vacation. Take a peek at what this charming region has to offer, however, and just try to stop yourself from falling under its spell. By the end of your investigation, you'll have a vision of all that your delightful trip will entail, from the dates of your stay to the vacation rental that will house you and your traveling companions.

The diversions of this region are varied, but all have one thing in common; they are low stress and laid-back. For starters, the many lakes make for an abundance of water-themed activities like canoeing, fishing, paddle-boating, and swimming. Lots of lakeside chalets are equipped with private docks, so dipping your toes in the clear, fresh water can be the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night. Rumor has it that the water is so clean you can even see the bottom at a depth of 30 feet. The Berkshire Mountains make a great backdrop for your leisurely vacation, so be sure to enjoy the sights as much as time allows. Should you decide to rent a cottage here, this should be easy to do. A great room with a wall full of windows, a patio overlooking the lake, and easy access hiking and foliage-tour trails all make for an experience of calm and natural beauty. When you can't even see the lights of the city or hear the sounds of traffic, you know you're well on your way to relaxation.

This quaint region of northwestern Connecticut may be "away from it all," but it is hardly lacking in human warmth and creative spirit. For taste of what the surrounding towns have to offer, take a day or two to explore nearby Lenox, Stockbridge, Tanglewood, and others. Antiquing alone could fill your vacation, so if you have a taste for unique treasures be sure to bring along an extra suitcase or leave some room in the trunk for the gems you may stumble upon.

The Berkshire Museum, the Norman Rockwell Museum, The Colonial Theatre, and Hancock Shaker Village are a few more points of interest, but with images of your amenity-filled cottage in your head, don't be surprised if the lure of the lake ends up taking you back to your temporary home before too long. It's good to experience everything that Litchfield County has to offer, but the serene and untouched wilderness might have a way of making you into a bit of a hermit. In these parts, that's nothing to be ashamed of.

The vacation rental options in this area vary from small and snug to big and breathing-room friendly, so matter who your traveling group consists of, you'll find a place to make you happy. Ample bedrooms, a library of books and DVDs, plenty of pillows and blankets, and laundry facilities will all add the touch of luxury to your rustic getaway. Yes, you'll have the opportunity to venture out into the backwoods for some exploration and communion with nature, but you'll never really feel like you're roughing it thanks to the great features of this retreat.

There's a time and a mood for adventurous, quick-paced vacations, and then there's a time to take it down a notch. If you're feeling overworked and underappreciated, it may be an occasion for a true escape. Imagine putting your feet up as you look out across the cove, setting out for some bird-watching with your trusty binoculars, or sitting down for a night of games with your family in the comfortable living room of your lodge.

So if a trip that contains time for slowing down as well as sightseeing, water-skiing as well as wandering through museums, and dozing in the sun as well as driving to restaurants, then Litchfield County might be the right place for you. Visit in the summer to soak up the warmth or come in the fall for supremely beautiful views of the trees' yearly explosion of color; either way, you'll be pleased with the results of your decision to settle down in cozy Connecticut for a bit.

Start planning now for your upcoming trip, especially if you want to ensure that you can reserve the Litchfield County Vacation Rental that would best suit your needs. The sooner you make the proper preparations, the sooner you'll feel the pleasure of true escape.

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