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Vacationing in Maine By Caitlin Moore

You’ve never been one to use “summer” as a verb, no, that habit is reserved for wealthy patricians with sailboats, perfectly tousled hair, and gorgeous children who all look alike. You’ve also never taken a quick weekend during the winter to escape holiday stress and cold weather doldrums, as you just have too much to do. Just because you consider yourself a regular person who takes regular vacations, if any, doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t feel more than comfortable heading to Maine for a few days. Its welcoming atmosphere and surprisingly varied activities make it a gold mine for travelers looking for relaxation and rejuvenation, so fight the urge to stick to stereotypes and discover this New England charmer of a destination.

The heat of the city and the forever-unshakable feeling that you should be spending your summer months on a break from all responsibilities always have you pining for the perfect warm weather jaunt that will at least temporarily relieve the stresses of the adult world. You want to go somewhere hassle-free and laid-back yet somewhat exciting, and you’re kind of over the whole anonymous-beach-getaway-thing. You want personality and a good bargain, which makes Maine look better and better by the minute.

Maine, with its maritime roots and agrarian background, is down-to-earth yet sophisticated in an accented, zest-for-life kind of way. The people are friendly yet set in their ways, and the physical surroundings are rock-steady in their simple and understated beauty. Plan a tour of one of the four scenic byways and you’ll see what we mean; from archeological points of interest to recreational set-ups perfect for picnics or a game of Frisbee, you’ll be able to enjoy, among other things, the coastline, the old-growth forests, and an impressive range of shops, restaurants, and wildlife sightings.

If getting closer even closer to the water is what floats your boat, sign up for a whale watching cruise or hop aboard a yacht for some sightseeing. The peninsulas and outlying islands of Maine are picturesque, and inland lakes and ponds will whet your appetite for waterskiing or a leisurely pontoon cruise. Don’t let 5,500 miles of coastline and 6,000 fresh bodies of water go to waste while you’re here, and don’t worry, boat shoes and polo shirts aren’t necessary to have a good time.

In a land that sees its fair share of cold and dreary weather, come summertime, you know that there’s going to be an air of celebration. The locals know how to squeeze every drop of wonderful-ness from their short and sweet springs and summers, so follow their lead and live like there’s no tomorrow. A number of festivals and special events will get you in the mood, and will expose you to unmatchable delights like fresh blueberry pie, lobster bakes, and a number of art and music events. Native American and French influences, along with an eternal connection to the sea and the distinctive landscape, combine to make the Maine experience unlike any other.

Continuing on your way down the path of Maine’s ample vacation offerings, be sure to save some time for Aroostook State Park where you can fish for trout or take a hike. Several lighthouses will lead you up the coast and add to your collection of landmark snapshots, and an assortment of museums will put the history of this state into perspective. Learn a little or a lot, either way you’ll return from this trip feeling changed for the better.

Of course, Maine is also worth seeing in its winter splendor, so if skiing or snowshoeing through the countryside is your idea of fun, consider heading north when the weather cools and the days shorten. There’s also tobogganing, sleigh rides, shopping, and hot cocoa drinking near a roaring fire, so plan to alternate between exhilarating frostiness and cozy warmth to cover all your winter vacation bases.

Yet to be mentioned but not to be missed is autumn in Maine. The trees smolder with reds and oranges, putting on a brilliant display before shedding their leaves for a quiet winter. Driving through the country would be an especially smart decision at this point in time, as would booking accommodations that face a grove of especially flashy trees. Imagine settling back on a comfy couch in front of a picture window and letting the ebb and flow of nature wash over you.

There are literally hundreds of Maine Vacation Rentals to choose from that would make your trip a delight during any season. Come explore the features of this versatile and idiosyncratic state, letting yourself withdraw from one hectic world to join one that’s a bit easier to handle. has extensive vacation rentals listings in locations all over the world.

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