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Priscilla's Candy Shop

Yesterday my girls and I went to one of their favorite spots, Priscilla's Candy Shop. You enter this shop and you get the distinct impression you're someplace special and one-of-a-kind. Upon opening the door the first thing you are aware of is the delicious scent of chocolate. Not over the top, not artificially manufactured to increase buying potential, but the real thing. This place is brightly lit and cheerful. It is not particularly large but gives such a welcome aroma and atmosphere that you must explore further. They have a wonderful blend of toys, gifts and sweets. The perfect balance of each. The items on display are unique. They strike you immediately as gifts one would not find in a generic store. They are tasteful, fun and intriguing. My girls had a hard time tearing themselves away from small wooden puppets and after some urging from me to leave, en route they found something equally fascinating and colorful. Please let me assure you, although Priscilla's has a creative assortment of cards and gifts their primary expertise is making high-grade chocolates and candy. As so many shops in Concord Center, this is family-run. Priscilla's Candy Shop is presently operated by the third-generation of their family. As for the sign in the photo above, this is a great example of the signs all over what is known as the Milldam District of Concord Center. The style was popularized in France and England in the 16th and 17th centuries prior to widespread literacy. The tradition and actually the law mandating a sign create a visual representation of what was being sold by a proprietor, was later brought to the Colonies in America. Concord continues to pay homage to that rich tradition through their inventive storefront signs.

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